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The current Directors purchased the business in June 2002 and with over
30 years of combined experience in the luggage business, have transformed it from a small distributor of Eminent branded products to its current form, primarily operating in the mid market for travel goods, offering its customers a mix of brands from a single source. 

We set about to widen the distribution of the Eminent brand to more high profile retailers discovering that the niche of premium promotion was the best route to market. For many years now, Eminent as featured strongly at promotional times in Harrods, Selfridges, the Fenwick Group and more latterly John Lewis, as well as many independent retailers.
Significant private label projects for major store groups, starting with
Allders and Next in 2003, and progressing quickly to John Lewis in 2004,
meant that we could fully capitalise on Eminent as a manufacturing partner as well as a brand. Around this time it became clear that the Company name would need to change to reflect the additional brands and the increasing number of own label projects, and 'St.C' was born out of the patron Saint of Travel, St. Christopher. 

The addition of Jost and Leonhard Heyden in 2006, and the more recent inclusion of Slang, have widened the product portfolio and opened up new customers in both the design and gift categories.